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Online Billing & Payments

Most of our insurance companies have the option for you to pay your premiums by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), e-check or by credit card. Fast online payments can prevent lapses in coverage and save you time.

If you have any questions about your bill from the insurance company or would like to make a payment, you can select the insurance company below. They have extended hours and may be available when we are not. You can always contact our office to resolve questions concerning bills from your insurance company.

What’s Your Insurance?

Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance
100 Erie Insurance Place
Erie, PA 16530

Customer Service
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Customer Service:800.458.0811
Website: Contact ERIE

Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance
Dept. 0561
Carol Stream , IL 60132-0561

Customer Service
Website: Manage Your Policy
Service: 800.776.4737
Customers in California: 800.300.3693

State Auto

State Auto Insurance
518 East Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Customer Service
Website: Manage Your Policy
Service: 833.724.3577


Foremost Insurance Group
5600 Beech Tree Lane
Caledonia, MI 49316

Customer Service
Website: Pay Online
Service: 800.527.3905


Trexis Insurance

Customer Service
Website: Policy Documents
Service: 877.384.7466